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Attendance Rewards


We are so proud, of the improvement in so many individual student attendance rates and the upwards movement towards our Attendance Targets.

While whole day attendance has greatly increased, we are still seeing a large number of partial absences in the form of late arrivals and early leave requests, especially on Tuesday sport afternoon. Partial absences are now reflected in the percentages displayed on Sentral and are taken into account when calculating attendance rewards lists and our overall attendance targets.

We continue to ask for the support of parents and carers to schedule appointments outside of school hours whenever possible.  We do understand for specialised appointments this is not always possible. Students needing time off school for external committments involving sport, entertainment or other circusmtances are encouraged to apply for an exemption for a short period of time.  Exemption forms can be found on the school website under forms.

This term attendance rewards have included

Week 1-6 100% Merit Award

Weeks 7-11 100% Merit Award

Cafe De Kirra Awards (30 students every 5 weeks)

Ice Block reward 90% Attendance 

BBQ Lunch 95% Attendance

Movie Morning 98% Attendance for the Term 

Well Done KHS, it has been an great term and we encourage all students to continue their excellent attendance rates into Term 2.  For those who haven't quite met their target, attending every day in Term 2 will increase the percentage very quickly.