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Year 10 RoSA

The Year 10 RoSA (record of school achievement) is the first credential student attain during their schooling years. It is a culmination of Kindergarten to Year 10.

The Year 10 RoSA must be satisfactorily completed to allow students to move onto the Year 11 RoSA and then to the HSC (higher school certificate).

Students study six core subjects (English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, PDHPE) and three elective subjects. Students are awarded a grade for each subject that corresponds to NESA grade descriptions. Click here for more information on how grades are awarded.

Grades are allocated based on formal assessment tasks and sometimes coursework in each subject. Students are provided with assessment schedules for each subject at the beginning of each year. These are found on Moodle. The schedules detail the task nature, weighting, and approximate timing. Students are provided, in writing, with at least two weeks notice of the exact date of an upcoming formal assessment task (a task that contributes to the RoSA grade).

Apart from formal assessment tasks, for successful completion of the RoSA students must:

  • Follow and complete the courses.
  • Apply themself with diligence and sustained effort to the set tasks and experiences that the school provides in the course.
  • Achieve course outcomes.

Students who are in danger of meeting the above requirements will be notified by N-warning letters. These letters are a support which informs students and parents of issues with course completion and provides information on what needs to be completed. Two or more N-warning letters in a subject may result in an N-Determination meaning the RoSA is not completed. Students who do not complete the RoSA are unable to progress to Year 11.

More information about the RoSA and the process can be obtained by contacting the Deputy Principal.