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Parent portal information

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Where possible, Kirrawee High School is 100% online consent for excursions and school activities. It is crucial all parents have access to a working parent portal account. Please contact the school if you do not have access to a Parent Portal Account.

Given the importance of Sentral to frequency of information exchange, security and confidentiality, two important factors arise:

  1. All parents and carers need to have access to Sentral Portal. If there are any special circumstances or exclusions please let the school know as soon as possible.
  2. Parents/carers must never share their login credentials with their son/daughter. Your access is confidential and allows for the likes of consent to be secure. We can then retain confidence that digital consent is the parents/carers genuine intention.

The Parent Portal allows parents to support their child’s education through

  • giving consent through the portal for excursions and activities
  • viewing their child’s timetable
  • reading daily messages
  • viewing some well being incidents (through portal 1 – looking to expand in 2019)
  • viewing student activities
  • viewing student attendance records
  • explaining absences
  • viewing reports
  • viewing homework that has been logged through sentral
  • communicating with teachers

The parent portal now also has an App which will allow parents to receive a notification to their phone or device when an activity requires their attention. This push notification will NOT replace the email which is sent to families each time an activity is sent to the portal.

If you experience any problems with your parent portal account please contact the school for assistance. Common problems and solutions include the following table below. If your query is not answered here, please contact the school or email Mrs Blanch

Please see below two videos to assist parents in accessing the portal and app.

First time users to the parent portal and app click here

I have accessed the parent portal but not the app click here

Common Problems/Questions Solutions
Setting up your account Families must first register for an account and then link the students to their account with an access key. Access keys are emailed to new families in the first week of attendance. The school can resend the access key email on request.
How do I access the portal if I have not been send an email link

There is a link to the Sentral Portal on the Kirrawee website 

The link to the portal is with the other links to Moodle, POP (scroll half way down the page)

Forgotten username and password The user name is the email addressed used to first set up the account. The password can be reset from the log in page. This will be sent to the email address used as the username.
Changed email address

If you change your email address with the school this will NOT automatically change your email address on the portal. Parents can

a)       Log in using their old credentials and update their details through 'My details tab'

b)      Create a new account with the new email (will need the access code)

c)       Contact the school to update your email address in your portal account (to do this the school will need to reset your password)

I can’t view my students via the app Just like you linked your student to the portal account you need to link your portal account to the App. This can be done through the 'My Access' Tab in the portal. An email will be sent to your nominated account for verification. The App account will not work until this email has been verified. You can resend the email to link the account through 'My Details'
Username and password not working for the app The username and password for the portal are separate to the app. While you can use the same for both – changing one will not change the other. The App password can be reset through the App.
I have logged in to give consent but it says the activity has expired An activity will expire at 12 am the day the permission is due. If permission is due on Friday 15th February consent must be given before midnight. This is not something we can change (Sentral feature) and we ask parents to give consent the day before the closing to ensure the activity is active. Parents should be giving consent a few days prior to activity date to ensure attendance rolls are accurate and up to date.
I am in Portal Version 1 If you see a tab with Portal Version 1 at the top of your screen you are actually viewing Portal Version 2. Pushing the Portal Version 1 Tab will take you to Portal Version 1.
I can’t see all the features you have described Some features are through Portal Version 1 (computer browser) and others are through Portal Version 2 (phone, ipad). If on a computer/laptop parents can move between versions with ease by pushing the Tab at the top of the page. Most features KHS are using are through Portal Version 2 which is the default portal link on the website.
I cannot view Well Being Incidents on the App Well Being Incidents can only be viewed through Portal Version 1. The currently functionality of the App is only for Portal Version 2 features.
I cannot update my details in the App Updating of details can only occur in Portal 1 so cannot be done through the App. While you can view you details in Version 2 in Version 1 there is an edit button to update details.