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Kirrawee High School has a proud history of offering students a rich array of co-curricular opportunities.

Our philosophy is that a love of learning and deep engagement is strengthened by student participation and leadership of these activities. We promote these opportunities as co-curricular as we believe it is important to partake in them as a well-rounded student and not consider them as 'extra'

In addition, there are over 50 co-curricular activities run by dedicated teachers that help build capacity and allow student ownership of their school. Opportunities for students to participate are normally communicated to students and parents/carers via daily notices or at assemblies.

Some of our overarching categories include Sport, Band Programs, Drama, Dance, Debating and Public Speaking. Click on the links below for a comprehensive insight.

Recent activities also include:

  • Art Express
  • Big Science Competition
  • Bridge Building Competition
  • Cafe De Kirra
  • CallBack
  • Collective group
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Events and Media Team
  • France student exchange and Reunion island excursion
  • Mathematics Hour of Power
  • ICAS Maths competition
  • Japan student exchange and Komae excursion
  • Student Maths tournament
  • Mock trials
  • MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly)
  • Peer Support
  • Student representative council
  • Year 12 student prefect team
  • Social justice committee
  • Environment Committee
  • Red shield appeal
  • School Spectacular
  • Southern Stars Dance Team
  • White Ribbon student ambassadors
  • World's greatest shave
  • Yarning circle
  • He for She initiative
  • Year 7 and Year 11 Camp.