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Parents and citizens' association

Parents/Carers are invited to join the Parents and Citizens’ Association which meets twice each term (Monday Weeks 3 and 7 at 7:00 pm in the school library). By attending these meetings you will get to know other parents/carers and will understand the aims and goals of secondary education. Reports on school activities given and there is often a brief presentation from students first. Through the voluntary, tax-deductible P&C building fund, the P&C Association provides the school with equipment and facilities that cannot be supplied by the Department of Education.

2024 dates

Term 1 Monday 12 February and Monday 11 March

Term 2 Monday 13 May and Tuesday 11 June

Term 3 Monday 5 August and Monday 2 September

Term 4 Monday 28 October and Monday 25 November

School council

The Kirrawee High School Council is comprised of staff, students, parent/carer representatives. The Council’s vision statement is provided below: 

Kirrawee High School should provide a safe, supportive and disciplined environment to develop the intellectual, emotional and social well-being of its students. It should be a school that caters for individual student needs and provides an optimal learning environment for student achievement and recognition. The school should also foster in all students the habit of liberal, independent and rigorous thought. In these essential requirements, the school would not only provide the versatility and breadth of excellence available through the comprehensive high school system but also promote the best in educational ideals to develop students for the future. 

School Council discusses matters pertaining to policy, structure, management and governance of the school. P&C meetings provide an update from the School Council each term.