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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Groups

This is such an exciting co-curricular space at Kirrawee High School. Working with highly committed, capable, and articulate students all in the cause of building a better world is nothing less than exhilarating! Leadership at Kirrawee is viewed in many way, but suffice to say that we ask all of these students to bring but one thing to their work: influence. This influence to bring about change, or strengthen the values we hold dear, is paramount to their various roles. Working with respect, dignity, grace and inclusion are the invisible threads that bind each group to the 1300 students and staff at this school. Together they help build the integrity of students that will be tomorrow’s leaders. As a school, we are both proud and optimistic with this most comforting of thoughts.


After 13 years of school and the many hard-earned experiences that define these young adults, our Prefects represent the peak student leadership body at Kirrawee High. They represent their school at prestigious events, support other leadership groups, are mentors to their younger peers, and organise special activities that create the camaraderie only fully understood by students in their final exciting year at school. The Prefects also galvanize the school around events such as Valentine’s Day (cardiac health) and Relay for Life (Cancer Council).

School Council Representatives

Four Prefects meet once a term with parents and staff representatives to discuss school policy and make decisions that inform the good governance and management of the school. As a formally constituted body, the insight and perspectives that are brought by these students are invaluable in maintaining transparency and cooperation between students, staff and parents. We encourage respectful debate and the conviction of the student voice, qualities reflected by these representatives.

The Student Representative Council is a long-standing leadership group that offers students opportunities to develop the personal qualities and skills that define good leaders. Elected by their peers, they bear a responsibility to take issues to council, represent and debate different views, and make recommendations to the school’s Senior Executive. These students also work actively in the area of mental health, supporting proactive strategies such as Wellbeing Week, which underpin the individual and collective flourishing we wish to see for students at our school.

White Ribbon Ambassadors and Advocates

The most recent of our leadership groups, these young people have already attracted very wide attention, working with their younger peers in local primary schools and reaching out through social media to promote a campaign that says no to violence against women and girls. Even more recently, our male student and teacher White Ribbon Ambassadors have been joined by their female counterparts as White Ribbon Advocates. Along with their leadership of White Ribbon Week there will be more exciting initiatives that will motivate these passionate young adults. Not violent, not silent.

House Captains

House Captains speak to tradition, teamwork, loyalty and the spirit of fair and fierce competition. Male and female captains and vice captains, these students are particularly active around the Athletics, Swimming and Cross-Country Carnivals that are such a focal point for fun, cross-cohort interaction and a binding sense of community. From organising relay teams, mentoring younger athletes, or simply engendering House spirit through extravagant displays of colour and dress, we value the role these student leaders play to promote sport and remind all of us that we owe a debt to the name, traditions, achievements and legacy that continues at Kirrawee High.

The White Ribbon Ambassadors