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Subject requirements

KHS is BYOD (bring your own device). Students must bring a laptop to facilitate learning.


Years 7-10



2 x 128p A4 Grid Books

1 x Textprotec TC 40 Textbook Cover 259 x 192 x 40

1 x 128p A4 Exercise Book with Margin

1 x Display Book – Red

Mathematics / TAS


1 x Drawing Equipment Kit * 1 x 160p A4 Bound Book with Margin



1 x Display Book – Black

1 x Apron – White Hepworth’s Cotton Drill (Food) *

1 x Apron – Navy Hepworth’s Cotton Drill (IA)*

2 x 96p A4 Exercise Book with Margin

1 x Pair Science Goggles ‘Glasses’ type – Tsunami *

1 x 48p Exercise Book



1 x 128p A4 Exercise Book with Margin 1 x 128p A4 Exercise Book with Margin

Personal development, health and physical education


1 X 128p A4 Exercise Book with Margin

1 x A4 Display Book

1 x 96p A4 Music Book

Visual Arts


1 x A3 Quill Visual Art Diary

1 x A4 Canson VAD Black Cover Every 4th page rules both sides

2 x 2B Pencils

2 x 4B Pencils

1 x Black Uniball Micro Waterproof Pen *

1 x Apron – Black Hepworth’s Cotton Drill *

1 x 8GB USB *

1 x Black Pen

1 x Red Pen

1 x Glue

1 x Ruler

1 x Calculator *

1 x 2B Pencil

1 x Eraser

1 x Scissors

* use previous years and replace only if missing or damaged

Years 11 and 12

Year 11 and 12 students have freedom to organise the way that suits them best. (that is; folders, books, loose leaf etc.) with some subject requirements. BYOD is still required.