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Semester 1 Presentation Years 9 and 10


To the award winners of Year 9 and 10, congratulations on your well-deserved recognition! 

The achievements of students recognised at the Semester Presentation are a testament to our students passion for knowledge and their desire to make the most of all that Kirrawee High School has to offer including academic excellence, leadership, creative and performing arts and sport.

By consistently pushing boundaries, embracing opportunities for growth, and demonstrating exceptional skills, our Year 9 and 10 students recognised at the presentation have earned the admiration and respect of  teachers, peers, and the wider school community.

Students at the presentation were recognised for 

1st in Course

Outstanding Achievement in Course

Positive Growth in multiple courses

Big Science Competition - High Distinction

Student Leadership (SRC)

100% Attendance

Contribution to Performing Arts  (Jazz Orchestra, Kirrawee High School Dance Company, Kaleidoscope)

Sport - Sydney East Representation and Age Champions

Further awards for Outstanding Achievement in a subject and/or positive growth were handed out at the Year Assemblies.

Special Mention to our GOLD and SILVER Academic Award Winners who were celebrated for Outstanding Academic Achievement in 3 or more Courses.

Year 9 GOLD Award of Merit (Academic Achievement in 4 or more Courses)

Keira Cook - Academic Achievement in 9 Courses

Keziah Campbell - Academic Achievement in 7 Courses

Keira Donovan - Academic Achievement in 6 Courses

Katherine Moussa - Academic Achievement in 6 Courses

Esui Otgonbold - Academic Achievement in 6 Courses

Soraia Olival - Academic Achievement in 5 Courses

Edward Sewell - Academic Achievement in 5 Courses

Vladislav Glazunov - Academic Achievement in 4 Courses

Flynnt Wallace - Academic Achievement in 4 Courses

Jasmine Wood - Academic Achievement in 4 Courses

Year 9 Silver Award of Merit (Academic Achievement in 3 Courses)

Ai Otomine, Jack Gunner, Blake Anastas, Selina Samaan, Heidi Chapple, Orla Power, Emily Riekie, Bimo Vokins, Levi Wallace

Year 10 GOLD Award of Merit (Academic Achievement in 4 or more Courses)

William Pearce - Academic Achievement in 7 Courses

Lola Faass - Academic Achievement in 7 Courses

Elliana Harvey - Academic Achievement in 6 Courses

Tara Arnautovic - Academic Achievement in 5 Courses

Max Page - Academic Achievement in 5 Courses

Harrison Parker - Academic Achievement in 4 Courses

Joshua Entwistle -  Academic Achievement in 4 Courses

Jade Murphy - Academic Achievement in 4 Courses

Year 10 Silver Award of Merit (Academic Achievement in 3 Courses)

Tiana Bishara, Alexandra McKenzie, Henry Newton, Mason Walker, Joshua Jones, 

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We would also like to acknowledge Mrs Fawer and the Music Department, the Kirrawee High Wind Orchestra and Koby Selig for their fantastic musical performances and our student hosts for their excellent leadership shown at the presentation.