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Semester 1 Year 7 and 8 Presentation


As another successful semester is completed, it is with great pleasure and admiration that we extend our congratulations to the outstanding students of Year 7 and 8 who were recognised for their exceptional achievements during Terms 1 and 2.

Their dedication, perseverance, and passion for learning have been exceptional and we take this moment to honour their  accomplishments.  We celebrate the hard work and the well-deserved awards that were awarded at our presentation day on Thursday of Week 10.

Acknowledging and celebrating academic achievements is vital for fostering a positive educational environment. It not only motivates students to strive for excellence but also instills a sense of pride, self-confidence, and determination to continue their educational journey with zeal.

By recognising and honoring the accomplishments of Year 7 and 8 students, we reinforce the importance of hard work, discipline, and dedication in achieving success. We hope that these awards will serve as a catalyst for continuous growth and inspire others to embrace the pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

Congratulations to all our award winners recognised for Semester 1 including :

Distinction Awards for Excellence in 3 or more subjects

1st in subject/class

Postive Growth in 3 subjects/classes

Student Leadership (SRC)

Deputy Principal Award

100% Attendance

Big Science Competition High Distinction

Contribution to Performing Arts - Jazz Orchestra, Kaleidscope, Senior Dance Company

Sport - Sydney East Representation, Age Champions

Many other awards for Semester 1 were also handed out at Year Assemblies this week.  The volume of awards presented at both the Semester Presentation and the Year Assemblies is a credit to the outstanding effort and achievement of our Year 7 and 8 cohorts

Special mention to our Distinction Award Winners in each class.  These students were recognised for Excellence in 3 or more subjects.

7O - Levi Pele - Excellence in 4 Courses, Abigail Wood  - Excellence in 4 Courses, Leonore Addison - Excellence in 4 Courses

7L: - Mason Love - Excellence in 5 Courses, Eliette Steele - Excellence in 4 Courses, Charlotte Barlow - Excellence in 4 Courses, Victoria Lypovskyi  - Excellence in 3 Courses, Matthew Parker -  Excellence in 3 Courses, Tom Cook - Excellence in 3 Courses 

7Y - Annabelle Grace - Excellence in 5 Courses, Caitlin Murphy - Excellence in 5 Courses, Charlotte Smith - Excellence in 4 Courses, Brian Ngo -  Excellence in 3 Courses

7M - Tyson Brown - Excellence in 4 Courses, Joni Chew - Excellence in 4 Courses, Sophie Eaton - Excellence in 4 Courses, Mila Stoukalo - Excellence in 4 Courses, Riley Rivet - Excellence in 3 Courses

7P - Amelia Connor - Excellence in 5 Courses, Zak Macdonald - Excellence in 5 Courses, Emma Barry - Excellence in 4 Courses, Tara McManus - Excellence in 3 Courses

7I-Georgia Malone - Excellence in 5 Courses, Kobi Mead - Excellence in 5 Courses, Oliver Robertson - Excellence in 4 Courses, Bulan Hamilton-Foster - Excellence in 4 Courses, Harvey Delforce - Excellence in 3 Courses

7C - Sorenn Bentley - Excellence in 5 Courses, Kavya Saxena - Excellence in 4 Courses, Erin Mirigliani - Excellence in 3 Courses

7S -  Thomas Marto - Excellence in 4 Courses, Kate Park - Excellence in 3 Courses, Peyton Wallis - Excellence in 3 Courses

8O - Lachlan Beasley - Excellence in 4 Courses, Jack Randall - Excellence in 4 Courses, Emma Scard - Excellence in 3 Courses, Hunter Craig - Excellence in 3 Courses

8L - Edward Kirby - Excellence in 6 Courses, Winston Yu -  Excellence in 5 Courses, Ella Hawley - Excellence in 4 Courses

8Y - Harper Gann - Excellence in 7 Courses, Holly Rivet - Excellence in 4 Courses, Joshua Pearce - Excellence in 3 Courses, Talaith Humphreys - Excellence in 3 Courses, Jade Miller - Excellence in 3, Courses, Eitan Faass - Excellence in 3 Courses, Chelsea Tabone - Excellence in 3 Courses

8M - Chloe Scott - Excellence in 5 Courses,  Elise Mead - Excellence in 3 Courses, Emile Whitcher - Excellence in 3 Courses 

8P - May Delaimey Moezzi - Excellence in 5 Courses, Lindsay Harris - Excellence in 4 Courses,, Elizabeth Amromina - Excellence in 3 Courses,  Jessica Yewdall - Excellence in 3 Courses, Amity Simpson - Excellence in 3 Courses 

8I - Clare Pike - Excellence in 4 Courses,  Abigail Nicholson - Excellence in 3 Courses, Ethan Reilly - Excellence in 3 Courses, Miranda Robbins - Excellence in 3 Courses

8C - Felicity Watson - Excellence in 7 Courses, Ava Levitski - Excellence in 3 Courses,  Juliet Irwin - Excellence in 3 Courses, James Johnston - Excellence in 3 Courses

8S - Eirian Humphreys - Excellence in 8 Courses, Madeline Henderson -  Excellence in 6 Courses,  Mia Healey - Excellence in 4 Courses,

Click here to the see the full gallery of photos.

We would also like to acknowledge Ms Lacey and the Music Faculty for the amazing performances including

The Concert Band

Erin Mirigliani - National Athlem

Percussion Ensemble

Luke Liu - Pianist

and thank you to our student hosts for their excellent leadership and  our photographers Mrs Williamson, Lucy Byrnes and Zuzia Sech.  Finally thank you to our Presentation Day Helpers Erika Beaupark and Sophia Guppy for all their work behind the scenes assisting Mrs Blanch and Mrs Anderson.