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Open Girls Water Polo Success


From the 5 metre..

Day one came, went and left me with an overwhelming feeling that I was out of touch with a game I had known for more than 40 years. Some of the ref calls were so alien to me I had no idea what to say to such a wonderful group of girls. They were frustrated and I knew it, but always supported each other. Postscript… I attended National League games today and realise that was an anomaly and I should chill.

All the girls appeared reserved on day one and did their best through day one trials. Lily Johnson was amazing in goals, out showing strength and skill.  Our other Year 12 Halle Johnson was as solid as ever trying hard during our game time. At times she remained on field for the duration of the game - a sure sign of a worker willing to put themselves on the line for the greater good. I know these two girls will go on to do good things for others. Remember girls…do something good for others but do not get caught.

Zoe Cole or Mumma Cole, organising and caring for the girls at all points, my go to in organising things. Zoe, of course was solid directing play and scored goals. Unknown to many, Zoe had suffered a significant family loss and played with a black arm band …somewhere out there Zoe, Nan smiled down on two beautiful backhanders.

Immy solid as always using the long arms to direct pinpoint passes and shots, surely a joy to watch.

Mina was quiet but solid delivering thoughtful defence in centre back, always dependable with the quick shot John Wayne would be proud of…sorry girls... use the google machine.

Kylie, my goodness me, I cannot remember seeing a polo player glide seemingly effortlessly across the water with a polo ball…. for those that have tried. It is bloody near impossible. When Kylie realises her capacity, she will be more of a weapon all over the pool.

Estella, cheeky but with real skills, when she realises what she has and works a bit harder the sky will be her limit.

Hannah, Solid, supportive and a real worker in the pool. She understands where to be and when to be there…. its all in the ttttiming.

Kate, whilst Kate has not played a lot of Water polo, she proved to be Swim fit and won a number of swim offs to gain possession, also doing well supporting in offence.

Olivia, our centre forward that could not go north to competition after she suffered a broken cheek socket at soccer training. The girls missed her presence in offence and whilst we did some training as a plan B, you can’t fill that space well. Next year Olivia.

Alex, A quality goalkeeper that we let out of the cage. Each time she went on the field she did what was asked of her and played hard. A real shock trooper. Some great shots taken and scored.

Ms Cantlon, assistant coach, and a quick learner of the intricacies that Water polo presents minute by minute. Ms sat on the table a number of times which was greatly appreciated by the organisers. Without her the trip could not happen and I thank her on behalf of the girls and KHS

Special mention to our Year 12 Students who have represented Kirrawee High School in Water Polo for the final time - Lily Johnson and Halle Johnson.

CHS Bronze Medallist Team

Year 12 - Lily Johnson, Halle Johnson

Year 11 - Mina Wood, Alexandra Hails, Zoe Cole, Kate Hummerston, Olivia Mustapic

Year 10 - Imogen Lancaster,  Ewings,

Year 8 - Estella Donelly, Hannah Clarke, Kylie Wood

with some great contributions from two Year 7 students in our earlier round games Lorelei Race and Bronte Caldwell.