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Celebrating Collaboration, Creativity, and Kindness at the CAPA Showcase 2024!

CAPA Showcase

On the evening of 29th May 2024, 420 members of our community witnessed our CAPA Showcase. This night 7.00pm: brought together the incredible talents of our students from Dance, Drama, Music, Photography, VET Entertainment and Visual Arts, highlighting not just their skills but also the collaboration, creativity, and kindness that define our community. Here are some highlights from the night:

6pm: The school was alive with the delicate footsteps of the wider community as they navigated their way through to the Library. Why the Library you ask? Well that was where their journey started. It was an opportunity to take in the amazing and skillful talents of our artists, both present and graduated. The gallery, set up by Mrs Falconer and Mrs Williamson featured works from current classes, and works from the 2023 HSC Graduating class. We were also bedazzled by the presentation by the photography classes championed by Mr David Pratt.

Next stop in the journey was the Stephen R Smith Hall, where more action was evident. Whilst the house opened at 6.20pm, the highlight (apart from the canteen organised by the Music Support Group) was pop up performances by Koby Selig in Year 10. His pianist skill set the tone for a fabulous night.

7pm: Our evening opened with the Acknowledgement of Country presented by Erika Beaupark. This set the stage with a heartfelt tribute to the land and its traditional custodians.

Our four comperes, all from Year 12 Drama, navigated us through the nights magical performance. A special thanks to Piper, Juliana, Kyesha and Claudia.

Musical Masterpieces:

"Waitress the Musical", featuring the exceptional voices of Tiana Bishara, Billie-Rose Brotherson, and Olivia Mustapic, showcased hours of dedicated practice outside of school. Thanks to Miss West, our musical director for her hard work.

"Hold the Line", performed by Year 9 Music stars Liam Wood, Ciera Naylor, Sean Parnell, Ari Slattery, and Lily Bristow, demonstrated outstanding classroom practice and the guidance from Miss Morrison.

Dazzling Dance:

"Resolution" by Year 11 Dance highlighted the collaborative spirit fostered through countless hours of rehearsal and the amazing choreographic talents of Miss Carla Cherrie.

"Ripple Effect" by the Junior Dance Company was a testament to the nurturing environment that she encourages. The VET Entertainment team really outdid themselves with that Aqua lighting. It really looked like they were under water.

"Virus" choreographed by the Year 10 class is a testament to the training, development and experiences provided by Miss Cherrie.

Dramatic Excellence:

The Year 10 Drama Skit, featuring Tiana Bishara and Imogen Lancaster, reflected the teamwork and creative efforts of our drama students, with just the right touch of comic timing.

Year 11 Monologue Excerpts, performed by Olivia Zodins and Xavier De Frenza, stole the show, demonstrating the depth of the students character exploration and performance skills which are cultivated in our drama classes.

Instrumental Inspirations:

"Lady is a Tramp" by the Jazz Orchestra, featuring Max Fernandez and Scarlett Pettigrew, was a vibrant example of the musical synergy and professionalism of the Jazz Orchestra.

"Hold the Line" by the Year 9 representatives showcased the amazing talent of our stars of the future.

String Orchestra channelled their inner Jimi Hendrix with their rendition of "Purple Haze". Nothing like seeing a string orchestra with three bass guitars.

Kirra Daiko started battling the "Kyo Yankoo Sensei", demonstrating their strength and the spiritual connection to the earth and land.

"5 to Go" by the Wind Orchestra, featuring Chris Butler, Justin Swords, Ben Wichgers, Elise Mead, and Joshua Pearce, illustrated the incredible dedication and harmony achieved through collaborative efforts.

"Clapping Music" presented by Year 10 was just not long enough. Such a skillful performance.

The soulful rendition of "True Colours" by Olivia Mustapic and Patrick Robinson showed the culmination of years of experience provided by the classroom program.

The Jazz Orchestra culminated with the Year 9 Dance Class on "Blackbird". This was a reprise of a performance presented in our self written musical "On With the Show". This performance was originally done by Alyssa Bishara (Alumni 20210. So it was fitting that her sister, Tiana Bishara, should be the one to front this collaboration.

Kaleidoscope showed their acapella prowess with their rendition of "Since You've Been Gone." There should be more of this.

The night culminated in the powerful finale, "Baba Yetu", presented by the Wind Orchestra, Kaleidoscope, String Orchestra, and Kirra Daiko featuring members of the CAPA Faculty. The evening was a celebration of artistic excellence made possible by the commitment and kindness of our students and staff.

Special thanks must go to the Music Support Group parents for running the canteen and the many Kirrawee High School staff who attended on the night. Thank you to everyone who made this night unforgettable. Your hard work, creativity, and collaborative spirit truly shone through!

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