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Kirra Cup 2023


The Kirra Cup, an annual competition between KHS Staff and Year 12 students, concluded with the Staff winning the cup, despite Year 12's victory in the Dodgeball match.

The Kirra Cup is a best-of-three event, and with the Staff leading 2-0 going into the Dodgeball match, their previous victories secured the overall win.

KHS Staff and Year 12 students had a great time throwing soft pink volleyballs at each other during the Dodgeball match, which added a fun and competitive element to the event.

Events like these are not only about competition but also about building a sense of community and camaraderie within the school. It was nice to see students and staff spectating and enjoying the game

A big thank you to Estelle Stark for her outstanding organisation of the event and congratulations to both teams for their sportsmanship and participation in this annual tradition!

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