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Celebrating Excellence and Resilience: Kirrawee High Shines at Sydney East Blues Presentation


The Sydney East Blues Presentation last night was not only a celebration of athletic prowess but also a testament to the resilience and strength of spirit embodied by Kirrawee High School. Among the shining stars of the evening, two exceptional students received the prestigious Sporting Blue awards, marking an extraordinary moment in the school's history.

"A sporting blue is arguably the most prestigious award which can be bestowed upon a varsity athlete. Since its inception, the awarding of a sporting blue focuses on excellence and tradition."

Izobelle Louison Roe showcased exceptional prowess in Athletics, earning her a well-deserved Sporting Blue. In addition to this remarkable achievement, Izobelle was bestowed with the 2023 Sporting Scholarship Award, an additional recognition that speaks volumes about her dedication and commitment to her sport. Lilly Johnson demonstrated outstanding skills in Water Polo, securing her own Sporting Blue accolade. These students not only excel in their sports but also embody the values of dedication and perseverance that the Sporting Blue award represents.

The awards were presented by Rhys Holden, a former Kirrawee High student who graduated in 2015. Rhys, the 2014 Sydney East Blue Recipient for Water Polo, added a special touch to the evening, inspiring the current generation of athletes with his journey from Kirrawee High to representing Australia.

Former 2014 School Captain and Australian BMX Representative, Kai Sakakibara, graced the occasion as the guest speaker. Kai's presence was particularly poignant as in 2020 he had a very serious accident resulting in lengthy time in ICU and the Brain Injury Unit. Despite the challenges, Kai Sakakibara has exemplified resilience and determination in his journey to recovery. His story serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us that the human spirit can overcome even the most formidable obstacles.

As we celebrate the achievements of Izobelle Louison Roe and Lilly Johnson, along with Izobelle's additional recognition with the Sporting Scholarship Award, we also applaud Kai Sakakibara for his resilience and courage. Kirrawee High School stands united in supporting Kai on his road to recovery and admires his strength in the face of adversity.

The evening also featured captivating performances by Kirrawee High School students, including Kayne Harris, Sienna Bussing, Scarlett Pettigrew, Tahnia Harris, James Nickel, Josh Entwistle, and Kaya Kimla. Their talents added an extra layer of celebration, showcasing the vibrant and diverse skills nurtured within Kirrawee High.  Thank you to Mr Scott and Mr Short for attending the presentation and Mrs Lacey for leading and supporting our talented musicians.

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