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2023 DOVES - Olivia Mustapic


Congratulations to Olivia Mustapic of Year 10 who is about to finish her two year term on the DOVES council.

The 27-member Department of Student Voices in Education and Schools (DOVES) brings the views and feedback of young people directly to decision-makers as the peak student forum for the Minister for Education and Early Learning and the Department of Education Secretary and senior officers.

Launched in 2021, the DOVES represent a diverse range of students and communities and advocate for positive student engagement through educational improvement and innovation in NSW public schools.

We are so proud to have a KHS student as a member of this prestigous council.  We are sure Olivia stands out as an exemplary leader whose contributions have left an indelible mark. Olivia has been a driving force, embodying the core principles of DOVES through her effective communication, empathetic advocacy, and collaborative spirit. Her  ideas and commitment have not only enhanced the program but have also sparked positive change within the educational community. Olivia serves as an inspiration, illustrating that individual student voices, like hers, are catalysts for transformative change within the realm of education.