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Stage 6 Student Engagement

This week brings in an end to a storied chapter in the lives of our Year 12 cohort. At the beginning of 2022 KHS introduced our Stage 6 Program as a way to provide our students with more targeted and direct support for their HSC. Our Year 12 students have been fantastic in how they have applied themselves within this program and engaged in their Study Periods. Throughout the year students have been diligent and respectful towards themselves, their peers, their teachers and their own time. Student feedback shows that 92% of students found the new study periods and Stage 6 Program useful.

From the beginning of the year students sat with the Stage 6 Coordinator, Mr Harski, to develop their own Individual Learning Plans and scaffold how they wanted to approach their final year at KHS and what they hoped to achieve. These ILP’s opened the door to both group and individual study guidance, time management, regular check-ins as well as freely available teacher feedback and assistance. According to data from our Year 12 Cohort 89% of our students feel that the school has prepared them well for their upcoming HSC exams.

This year during our Study Periods Year 12 have worked with the Stage 6 coordinator to scaffold and stay on top of any N-Award Warnings resulting in there being zero N-Award Determinations for our HSC year. Each student has also been provided with their own Study Schedule and Term Planner designed to focus on their individual and specific subjects and upcoming tasks. These schedules provided students with the opportunity to focus on small achievable targets as they work towards their HSC goals. Students have reported 79% of Year 12 achieving the goals they had set for themselves earlier in their study. In addition, a wide and diverse range of study materials from planners, notes, past exams and scaffolds have been made available to each student to assist them in preparing for their upcoming exams.

We are incredibly proud of what our students have achieved within the Stage 6 Program and are excited to see what they can achieve in their HSC exams next term. Best of luck to all of our students and a reminder that the Stage 6 Coordinator and the library will still be available to our Year 12 students throughout their exams