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Cronulla Spring Fair


Spring has sprung and what a better way to celebrate than with the Cronulla Spring Fair.   Picture it…..first day of spring…..sun is shining….the birds are singing…..and we are off to Cronulla Mall.

Thanks must go to Morgan Shoebridge who turned up at Kirrawee High School at 8.15am to collect the trailer full of all the bulky equipment needed for such a venture. This was loaded on Friday by the VET Entertainment students. So 9am arrives and the KHSJO start gathering and just like a well oiled machine, back line was set, stands were put together, music handed out and instruments warmed up for the opening act. 

KHSJO took the stage in a blaze of glory, opening with Count Bubba, featuring all the different sections.

Our singers took us through a range of wonderful songs, showcasing the old with the new. Jonah Ford had the opportunity to sing with his two protégé’s Max Fernandez and Izak Allen. These boys looked the part with their super cool sunglasses on and they did a wonderful job, showing us why they have been selected to carry on the Jazz Orchestra tradition.

Lucy Gilliland, Stephanie Swords and Scarlett Pettigrew did an amazing job covering the songs that Danika Bailey would normally sing. They did a great job sharing their improvisational skills and their take on these songs.

The KHSJO closed their set with a band favourite “Cabin in the Corner”. It was a wonderful way to end our set and a great way to kick off the Sunday festival.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents who came out today to support their students. I also want to acknowledge the Year 12 students who have graduated as this was their last gig: Saxes: Thomas Tyrrell, Connor Mead, Lachlan Shoebridge, Soraya Campbell, Laura Blom.

Trombones: PJ Lennon, Liam Mernagh

Trumpets: Lachlan Staples, Alex Butler

Piano: Elyse Scandurra

Percussion: Brianna Sandilands

Bass: Tyler Sandilands

Vocalists: Danika Bailey, Jonah Ford