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Spelling Bee 2022


There’s nothing like ending the year with a bang and this year’s spelling bee involved all of Year 8, and it was loud, each class shouting to support their 3 representatives. They competed in classes against each other to start with and then progressed through to our main event in the Hall on Thursday of Week 10.

Most of the contestants made it through the first round, spelling reasonably hard words like ‘southern’ or ‘annoyed’. Ten students made it through the second round, spelling harder words, such as ‘preferred’ or ‘rhythm’. The group really narrowed down in the third with words like, ‘contagious’ and ‘endeavour’. In the fourth we actually found our winner with the word, ‘retrieve’, but then went on to the fifth to decide between the final four as to places. It was exciting as they spelled some words correctly, such as ‘permeate’ and ‘accidentally’.

This decided our Spelling Bee, with Lola Faass of 8ENI  coming third, Nicolas Abelas of 8ENM, second and the winner of the Year 8 Spelling Bee 2022 was Jarrod Cummings of 8ENY.

Congratulations to all participants and have a fantastic 2023.