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Week 10 Attendance Rewards


During week 10, we held some special events to reward students with excellent attendance.  These rewards included ice blocks, a BBQ lunch and a movie with popcorn and a drink for the students with close to 100% attendance.  These rewards are in addition to the new  5 week achievement awards handed out to students with 100% attendance.

The rewards were very well received from the students and it was great to see high attendance numbers in the final week of school.  Due to the success of this week, we are going to increase our rewards next year and hold these events during week 10 of every term.  The final reward will be a very special event at the end of the year for those close to 100% attendance.

The Department have set attendance targets for the school which include 90% of students attending 90% of the time.  It was made clear to students in these final weeks how quickly attendance percentage can rise when you attend school every day.

We believe with the support of the community we can achieve these targets.  Currently,  a  large percentage of our students are in the 85-90% attendance bracket.  We continue to ask for support from parents and carers to reinforce with their children the importance of attending school every day.  School attendance not only improves learning outcomes but it enhances social connections with peers and helps children and young adults develop positive relationships with their peers and teachers.

We would like to thank Mrs Blanch, Mr Devine and our amazing SASS staff especially Mrs Holmes and Mrs Christodoulou for their assistance in organising these reward initiatives.

We look forward to seeing attendance rates continue to improve into 2023.