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Debating at KHS


Debating has long been a staple at Kirrawee High School, offering a number of students the opportunity to extend their learning through collaboration, research and rich discussion. This year saw many changes to the traditional way we debate and our Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students rose to all challenges with vigour and resilience.

Our Year 8 team went through a series of debates, with Kirrawee B winning their zone which is a huge achievement. Year 9/10 made it to the regional quarter-finals in the Premier’s Competition and were the winners of the senior division of The Sutherland Shire Debating Competition. Yr 9/10 were also given the opportunity to hold a number of debates to build and improve their skills, ready for senior years. Debates occurred online via Zoom, which was a new experience for all and face to face, which is the preferred option.. This was an excellent way to continue the competitions and gave debaters a chance to do what they love, despite the challenges posed by these unprecedented times.

From the first to the last debates, so much changed in our mindsets and our confidence grew with each debate. We negated silly habits and built effective skills through adjudication feedback. The major takeaways from debating are the building of confidence, teamwork, and developing strategies to improve the way we speak and structure our speeches.

Most importantly though, debating allowed us all to make many new friends. We learnt so much about each other and learnt to rely on our strengths as a team. Overall, this competition was an incredibly beneficial and fun opportunity to express our strengths. While the competition was so different to anything any of us had done before, it was a unique and really beneficial experience.

Debaters and their coaches look forward to seeing what 2023 brings!