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Inclusive Education Unit

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I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all the families of the Inclusive Education Unit (IEU) at Kirrawee High school and thank everyone for their hard work this term. The Unit has had a fantastic start to their first year and all students have had the opportunity to explore the wonderful opportunities the IEU has to offer.

Community Access

The Community Access Program provides opportunities for students to develop skills such as travel training, budgeting and using finances independently, contributing to family responsibilities and being responsible citizens of the community. Once a fortnight, students from the IEU walk to Kirrawee South Village and purchase grocery items for school or home and can choose to purchase lunch with their peers. The students have enjoyed this program very much and are looking forward to next term where their travel training will be extended by incorporating public transport and travelling outside of Kirrawee. 

Food Technology

Stage 4 and 5 classes have both engaged in Food Technology lessons throughout the term, providing the teachers with much needed coffees and students with well earnt milkshakes! To develop students’ social skills and relationship building, students have had to take coffee and milkshake orders from their peers and teachers. As barista’s the students have learnt the variety of coffee types, how to froth milk and most importantly – make the coffee. Students have also created a variety of delicious dishes such as pizzas, pancakes and fruit platters to practice their culinary skills and following a recipe. Well done everyone, can’t wait to see what you come up with next term!