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"Adobe Day"


On Thursday 16th of March, students in the SRC, Media Team, Year 11 Visual Arts Class and Year 12 Multimedia Class had the opportunity to participate in the “Adobe Day” at Kirrawee High School. This workshop was run by Dr Tim Kitchen, the Senior Education Specialist at Adobe - APAC. It focused on helping students grow skills in communication, design, promotion and technology. 

These sessions created an engaging way to teach students of Kirrawee High School about the functions of Adobe and how we can all integrate these skills into our everyday lives as well as how these extensions can be applied to our roles within the school. 

Throughout the workshop students were able to complete interactive activities that involved utilising numerous Adobe tools and programs. Some of these applications include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat including Character Animator.

Students are now able to design and construct video presentations and posters, edit photos and animate images using artificial intelligence. These skills will be used to support students in their roles and academics in the years to come at Kirrawee High School. 

All of the students who attended found this workshop to be a productive and fun course, with some saying:

‘Within the timeframe of 1 hour, I have learnt more about photoshopping than YouTube has taught me my whole life - thank you Dr Kitchen.’ - Norah Davis

‘The workshop was very educational as it taught us crucial skills in technology and online resources that I will not only be able to use in all aspects of school, but in my later life.’ - Tiana Bishara

‘The session provoked creativity and taught us how to communicate our ideas effectively and in an engaging manner.’ - William Pearce 

‘This course has enabled us to create our own projects and taught us a variety of things which encourage creative thinking not only in a school environment, but also throughout our lives.’ - Lola Faass

Thank you Dr Tim Kitchen and teachers for organising this educational event.

Tiana Bishara, Lola Faass, and William Pearce - Year 9 SRC Students

SRC, Media Team, Year 11 Visual Arts Class and Year 12 Multimedia