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Debating Workshop


On Thursday December 8, debaters across years 7 to 9 had the privilege of attending a debating workshop, organised by Mrs. Barden and run by our very own Mr Bonny and Ms Farmer.

The day began with an in-depth investigation of current news and events and an opportunity to write our own debating topics related to these. We then watched and analysed the 2020 Year 11 Premiers Debating Final. We had the opportunity to act as adjudicators and make observations and a final judgement on the winner of the debate. These tasks expanded our knowledge and experience as debaters.

Our final activity for the day was a mock Parliament. Students were divided into groups of six and needed to prepare and present arguments and rebuttal on topics developed by us earlier in the day. We were also lucky enough to hear from Molly of Year 10, who recently attended a NSW debating camp, and she shared with us a variety of skills and strategies to implement when debating.

Overall, the day was very informative and engaging. It was a great opportunity to learn about a variety of vital debating skills whilst collaborating with new people who share similar passions.

William Pearce – Year 8