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Textiles Excellence!

06 Dec 2022


‘Femme Noir’ is a highly texturised and embellished, two-piece apparel set, created to be worn at high-profile events. The corseted bodysuit is made entirely out of black deluxe satin highlighting fabric manipulations. A sweetheart neckline, boning and a lace-up back closure are featured. The removable black bridal tulle overskirt features beaded flower motifs. ‘Femme Noir’ is inspired by designer Christina Stambolian’s “Revenge Dress” for royal icon Princess Diana.

‘Femme Noir’ features fabric manipulations, twin needling and shrinkage sheet technique, to creatively enhanced the piece. As embellishments and beading prominently inspired the garment, utilising this tedious technique across the bodysuit panels and on the floral motifs accentuated the drama. Innovatively, recycled soluble web flowers were created for the overskirt. During the creation process I learned to extend my creative knowledge of design to create a piece that was unique. I learned the importance of time management; intricate beading and the production of the portfolio were not to be underestimated. The most enjoyable experience whilst producing my garment was creating the design of my piece. Taking inspiration from a range of designers and doing my own research was an extremely valuable experience.