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Science and Engineering Challenge


Another successful team of budding critical thinkers completed the Science and Engineering Challenge at ANSTO.

As the students said it was providing them with some successful skills for late in life, such as:

“It’s a really good team building day”, you get to strengthen bonds and build friendship, while mixing with new people.

“Makes your brain work”

Take time to work out what you are doing instead of just rushing in.

“Success comes with time”

Its quality that matters over quantity.

As well as those life long skills, it also is about reflecting on yourself. As one students said “it was really challenging but you come away with a sense of pride”. It also reflects what work and life is like, “stressful but enjoyable”.

Lunchtime saw good news, with a first place in building an earthquake proof tower and a second in looking for efficient methods to design high speed rail networks. At the end of the day another first for the tower,

The Bridge held 5 masses but then collapsed, behind the 1st place but a lot lighter.

Overall, first for Kirrawee

Congratulations to the 31 students in the KHS Team that represented the school in the Science and Engineering Challenge.