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About Languages

Kirrawee High is a centre of excellence for language learning. We offer students from Year 7 through to Year 12 the opportunity to find their passion for a new language and culture. In the classroom, expert teachers employ technology and the emerging research such as flipped learning to create a fun and supportive learning environment.

Kirrawee is proud to offer students many opportunities to engage authentically with languages by connecting and interacting with young people from around the world. We regularly host international visitors from French speaking countries and Japan. Our exceptional Sister School Programs offer our students unique experiences overseas, immersing them in the rich cultures of French and Japanese lifestyles. This reciprocal program also invites deep reflection on our own culture by celebrating diversity and the many things that unite us across the world.

And why does this matter? Studying languages opens new worlds for our students, many of whom go on to study languages at university and live abroad. Ultimately, studying languages leads to a better understanding of others and a deeper respect for their cultures. Our students embrace these experiences and go on to be responsible and considerate citizens of a global community.