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About Creative and Performing Arts

Visual Arts, Photography, Ceramics and Visual Design are subjects that focus on and develop creative thinking, problem solving, skill and technique. They encourage students to think of other ways to communicate, developing visual literacy and self-expression. Being creative and involved in problem solving tasks in these subjects improves academic performance, as students are given opportunities to notice and observe the world around them in different ways, facilitating individuality and imagination, and thus encouraging students to be unique – to think outside of the square. Overall, the Creative Arts develops and nurtures – practical skills, confidence and self-esteem, decision making, analytical skills, discovery, experimentation, perseverance, focus, commitment and collaboration.

The Music Department Team enrich, educate and enthuse students with their passion. We encourage and nurture the young musician and teach real world applications. The team’s focus is on the musical development of the individual, ensuring that their specific needs are met and empowering them to question, investigate and create music. All members of this team are professional musicians, always seeking industry connections and ground breaking opportunities such as our relationship with James Morrison and his Academy in South Australia. We challenge the students to engage with the ideas of others in order to help them grow and mature with a sense of community.