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Big Science Competition 2024


Description:  The Big Science Competition is one of the biggest international science competitions.

This is an opt-in competition only. If you wish your child to participate please read the following and give consent. you are not required to reply if they are not interested.

It is an easy way to challenge students from Years 7 to 10 and track their performance against state or national averages. Competition questions are aligned with the Australian Curriculum- Science
Students receive a certificate indicating their performance and schools will receive comprehensive reporting on student results compared to class, school and national averages.

This is an online competition and will be done in class time.

This competition uses an online server which collects students information and is stored on servers.This includes name,email address, school and year.

By giving permission I give consent for my student to use the Big Science Online Platform.

Cost:   $7.70 per student

Payments close strictly on Friday 12th April - no extensions
Payment may be made at the school office or on School Bytes (see Additional Information section below for instructions on how to pay on School Bytes)

When:  Commencing 15th May 2023, teacher will advise students.