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Year 7 My Resilience 2024


My Resilience is a Wellbeing program aimed at helping Year 7 students transition into High School and develop resilience.

Building a resilient foundation in early high school helps young teens bravely face and overcome the challenges ahead.
Students will:
- Learn the 4 things resilient people do
- Discover their Top 5 Character Strengths
- Adopt a strengths mindset as the foundation for resilience
- Develop strategies for facing hardship, stress, bullying, and disappointment
- Take Home Beautiful “keeper” Strengths Pack

If you have any concerns about your child accessing the program, please contact the school and you will be directed to HT Welfare Mr Zietsch or Student Support Officer, Brittany Mitchell.

Please note, each student will be assigned a day/time following permission from parents. The My Resilience program will take place on school grounds across two periods on either Monday 12/02 or Wednesday 14/02. Students and teachers will be informed of their allocated time by the end of this week.

Cost:  $27.00

Dress Code:  Full school uniform.

Food:  Bring food and water as you would usually do during a normal school day

Students are to Bring:  A fully charged device.