Kirrawee High School

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Enlighten Education Workshop

Girls Event - 3.5 hours - Girls Essentials - Our half day ( 3.5 hours) , Girl Essentials program. The girls leave with a bag filled with resources to keep - a professional worksheet, Affirmation cards, their 21 day Challenge band, journals. This is all designed to help ensure the learning is sustainable. 

Boys Event - 3.5hours - Mythbusters -  "debunks" the most common, and damaging myths about boys in a really engaging, funny, positive way and builds up skills that allow boys to move beyond stereotypes. Myths debunked include:

Boys and respectful relationships

Real men have six -packs - boys and body image

Real men don't cry - boys and emotion

Boys punch on, then move on - boys and conflict management

All gamers are geeks - boys and technology

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus - deconstructing gender stereotypes

Boys hate learning - boys and learning

and others!