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CHS Finals - Boys Hockey


Our boys Hockey team are to be congratulated on a tremendous run for 2023. This season our boys fought their way through the local division in a clean sweep culminating in a regional game against Parkes High School.  

The bus ride to Parkes was a lively affair with 80s and 90s classics, a little lap around Mt Panorama to satisfy the automotive obsession of much of the team and an obligatory trip to the legendary astronautical site- The Dish! The game itself was a challenging and hard-fought affair. Our Kirrawee Boys did amazingly to put up a staunch defence in the first three quarters, but our lack of subs got to the legs in the end. While our boys may have been defeated they walked off the pitch heads held high with grins ear to ear, a testament to their love and passion for competitive play.  

The trip was an excellent demonstration of the upstanding character of our departing senior members Tom De Soza, Birthday boy Mitch Cornish, Ryan Mead and Matt Rose who took our younger players under their wing, demonstrating the caring expected of our young men. A huge thanks to these senior boys who have freely given their time and expertise to the team over their time at Kirrawee High. Another huge thanks to David De Cruze who assisted in driving and supervision, as well as our bus karaoke. A massive thank you to Janelle De Soza who kept the team fed, watered and generously hauled a trailer for the slew of Hockey gear! Lastly, a huge thanks to Sports Coordinator Wayne Williamson who without, the sporting gears of the school would grind to a shuddering halt!  

The team's efforts are a testament to the ongoing achievement and support of the sporting program at Kirrawee High, the passion, drive and determination of all involved are commendable. We look forward to our Hockey Boys' future successes for the 2024 season!  

A proud Hockey Coach,  

Theo Bonny  

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